Access to the game?

When will i receive my code? My friend already got it, but im still waiting. Can someone help me out? Maybe they forgot me xD

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When did you sign up versus your friend? I got the email on the Tenth of July but only actually signed up today when I looked at my inbox.

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we signed up together on sunday and he already got it.

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Bizarre. Within minutes of each other? I am trying to establish a time line to see if maybe they are still trying to get to you, if the system they are using is not an automated on. Which I don’t know why they would not be using a real life person to authenticate people signing up.

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Yeah, I hope they didn´t forget about me, I was really looking forward to play this game with my friend. Anyway, maybe they planned not to give access to everyone at the same time. We will see.

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Hi Ehrenfratello,
like I previously mentioned, you sent us an email regarding this, and it’s easier if we continue the conversation there instead of having multiple lines of communication open. Your key was delayed because you didn’t sign the NDA correctly, and you’ve been informed about this. You’ve also expressed that you do not understand the agreement and would like it in german. While we look into this, your key will be on hold since it’s crucial for both you and us that you completely understand the agreement before signing it. I hope that clarifies things.

okay, I understand, thanks.

I wasn’t sure where to ask as I can’t find the DM feature. Would you be able to DM as I have a question pertaining to feedback.

click on the name and then you will see the message button

I might be too new to send DMs yet. There’s no option for me as of this moment.

Ah yeah now i see. You have to earn the badge basic first. It’s granted when you reach trust level 1. I don’t really know how to level up, but i think you have to stick around more and read new topics.

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I sign the NDA and everything but i never got a key.

Answered you in a DM Kanomera :slight_smile: