10 hours in - Thoughts so far

To start off, I grew up playing and replaying the Turok games (and the remastered ones). Second Extinction brings back so much nostalgia for me. First off, I’m a solo player. By default the game is already more difficult. This hasn’t been as much of an issue as I’ve gotten better and purchased upgrades. I will say there is quite a “wall” for solo players when it comes to red zones, missions specifically. I would love to experience more of the missions but playing solo makes it hard to even get close to the objectives. But, I understand how the whole online war effort works and that scaling difficulty down based on the number of players in the party wouldn’t work. That’s my only complaint, that and maybe increase the length of Ortega’s special. I highly doubt the developers will see this but I did have one thought on how to improve that “wall”. The Left 4 Dead games are better suited for a party of players but you can play them solo (like me) if you don’t mind playing with three bots. I would love for this to be an option. Getting knocked down in Second Extinction as a solo player is basically a game over (once you run out of lives). Even a last stand mode would be great to kill of the last dino or two so that you can actually revive yourself.

These are minor things, I’ve just had time to think about them over the 10 hours I’ve played. Amazing game, I can’t wait to see what updates come out as the game moves forward. Also, thank you for making a excellent sniper! The scout rifle is my jam!

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