Achievement Design - Any Word/What would you like?

Is there any word on how the achievement design will be for Second Extinction? While achievements and the like shouldn’t be freebies, I do hope they’re not anything too crazy/grindy as well. As I found the Generation Zero achievements to be a bit much, while the DLC achievements for Generation Zero were a lot better I felt.

Obviously not an important matter compared to the game being good but thought it would be worth discussing regardless.


I do think that there is going to be a good amount of achievements you get for killing a certain number of Dinosaurs.

I Hope there’s some decent challenging ones, I don’t like games where you can get all the achievements in one sitting.

Same. I like games that dont just reward you for playing, but reward you for doing stuff. But also trying new stuff. Like if an achievement tells me to play each character, or if it tells me to get 50 kills with a shotgun or something, and I probably wouldnt have used it otherwise (as an example). What I hope doesnt happen is there achievements tied to multiplayer. It always kinda annoys me a bit where there is that one achievement for playing 50 ranked online games, or getting 5 kills in 10 seconds, or revive a downed partner 4 times in 1 match (because Ill end up tailing my partners the whole time, hoping they get downed enough that I can get the achievement but also hoping my other partners dont revive them before me lol).


I find the “random stupid things to do” achievements as the most fun to find, like “falling down a hole while running from xxx dinosaur” or “hitting a Dino in the face with an empty gun” make me laugh, especially when trying to get them done!

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I have to wholly agree with this statement. Not only that, its usually these types of achievements that end up being the most memorable because they involve you doing stupid stuff or something you otherwise wouldnt have done lol. They end up being just fun, funny, or just enjoyable. I couldnt tell you half of what I did to earn for most achievements nowadays cause I got them just by playing the game, but to this day I still remember getting achievements for doing absolute silly stuff like in the 2007 Transformers: The Game, I remember having to do a donut with turbo to get one. Or hell, going off that, in Watch Dogs 2 I remember in order to get this one achievement I had to find a guy wearing a donut suit somewhere in the city, unlock this APB device, and then call the cops on him. Next thing you know this donut guy is just swarmed by cop cars and they are aggressively trying to arrest this guy in a costume who has no idea whats going on lol. Silly stuff like that is just fun, memorable, and something you wouldnt even think to normally do.

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Maybe this game could do something like:

Unnamed Achievement: Find a glass of water.
Description of what would happen: X level has a glass of water placed somewhere randomly in the stage. Find it. Stare at it for 10 seconds. It starts to tremble. You hear a giant dino roar, maybe some lights flicker on and off and a little earthquake, but no dinosaur actually appears. Achievement unlocked. Its just a silly callback to Jurassic Park.

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Or maybe finding a fossilized skeleton of a Native American with a shotgun. A callback to Turok.
Or how about this, and this has a bit of puzzle element to it. Ill use the 3 raptors we conclusively have names for: Raptor, Acid Raptor, Electric Raptor, as an example.

In order to get this achievement, you will enter a room. There are the 3 raptor types. On one side, off somewhere in the room, out of initial site is a door with 3 color coded dots and in this order. Blue, Yellow, Red. Blue = Electric Raptor. Yellow = Acid Raptor. Red = Regular Raptor. You can damage the raptors and it wont hurt this unlock, but what you NEED to do is kill them in this order. If you dont, you will have the reset the stage, otherwise the door will be locked because the raptors in this room dont respawn, but if you kill them in this precise order, the door opens up. Unlocking your achievement, maybe an easter egg, maybe some unlockables, etc. Its all up to the devs. This would come off as nothing at first inspection, but upon further exploration, and revisits, and possibly browsing the achievements list, you would actually discover this area had more than meets the eye.

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That is a great idea!

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