Dear Community, What are you most interested about in Second Extinction? (What drew you to the game)

What did the game do that appealed to your senses and not only drew you to join the community forums, but also seek to play the game? Was it the lore? The gameplay? A unique feature that intrigued you? Is it the studios pedigree, and simply that you trust and admire their work? Was it purely the dinos? (Lol)

In the industry there are a lot of copy paste games out there with very little to discern themselves, yet there is always that game that has 1 or 2 changes that makes it head and shoulders above the competition. Maybe it could be aesthetic. Could be a mechanic or a lack of one. Could be the theme. Its different for everyone, but I find it fascinating how even the littlest change can draw someone in. For me, what initially pulled me in was the dinos, but the gameplay mechanics explained so far have got my interest. Im interested to see where everyone else is coming in from.

Who knows. This may even help shape development because maybe it will emphasis or help expand on some features that maybe the devs didnt think were getting much attention.


I’ll be honest, for me it was blasting dinosaurs, lol. I love L4D2 a bunch and this game has the same feel with more modern elements and graphics (plus dinosaurs). I always try and keep up on lore too, but gameplay is what I like to focus on and this game seems great! I also love hero based shooters to death so I think it’ll be great for me! :slightly_smiling_face:

I liked natural selection 2 and this game looks like a blast (pun intended). Also I liked generation zero.

It was definitely the dinos that grabbed my attention. The game was brought to my knowledge by a dinosaur-themed YouTuber I’m subscribed to called BestInSlot. I’ve been a dinosaur/paleontology fan for quite literally as long as I can remember, my mother was even watching Jurassic Park on the hospital’s TV when I was born.

Though obviously, I’m not going to just buy something because it has dinosaurs in it. The more I dug deep into this game, the more my interest grew. Everything that we’ve seen from the lore so far has been quite intriguing and the gameplay looks fun and engaging. I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the first ever game I’ve played by Avalanche Studios, so my interest had nothing to do with brand loyalty. I believe this is going to be one of the better, if not the best, modern games as we move into this new decade and it is one of the few things I am actually excited about coming from the gaming industry as of current.

There’s only one other game that rivals my interest in Second Extinction, being the as of yet untitled Cold Iron Studios Aliens MMO shooter. And that one IS because of brand loyalty. From a pure quality stand point, SE is at the top of the list.

Dinosaurs, and different classes is what caught my attention. I love games where there are different playable classes with their own unique set of functions, weapons, and abilities which is what I’m hoping this game will provide. And I just love dinosaurs lol. I’m hoping that Second Extinction will have a large variety of different dinosaurs and creatures to defend against and not just raptors. I’m praying that we’ll be able to play as dinosaurs as well, a dinosaur game without playable dinos would be a real shame.

i came across this game through a youtube ad it looked a lot like doom and the gameplay looked super fun
i played a lot of orion prelude which had a defense mode against dinosaurs i dont know why but i just love blasting dinosaurs the weapons also look interesting and it also has a serious sam esque feel

Looked like mindless fun with alot of possibilities to play around with. I honestly can’t wait to shoot some Dinos, considering how awesome it looked in the trailer.

The coop left 4 dead 2 type gameplay as well as slaying some dinos was what interested me the most. I also love Vermintide 2 where its just a horde of enemies and it looked like there was a bit of that too.

Personally for me, I always enjoy seeing new games that have potential coming up, I have played Star Citizen and been looking into New World recently, so seeing a really awesome looking game to me that gives that same vibe of Natural Selection 2 but with more open world, it was a no brainier trying to hop on and at least give it a shot and check it out! and I agree with what @Gr1mAnomaly says too, it is fun to see a horde of enemies and be able to destroy them as long as you got the tactics to do so.

i was looking for a new coop game. Then a friend recommended this game to me and yeah i like the idea of just killing dinosaurs.

Im here because of Generation Zero. :slight_smile:
Ive logged over 600 hours in GenZ and still loving it. :grin:
And since the GenZ and SecExt both are from the same developer, i simply cannot ignore the new title. :slight_smile:
And sure, Avalanche/SystemicReaction has released other games (specifically the hunter) witch is definitely not on my wish-list, but that game isnt made for folks like me. :slight_smile:

Im a SciFi-nerd and i simply LOVE a “endgame-scenario”, threatening the human existence in some dystopian way, and as long as the game story is rich enough to make it plausible, im all in. :slight_smile:

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What drew me in?
I have The Hunter Call of the Wild and Generation Zero on both PC and Xbox, the studio drew me in Avalanche Studios, (yes I know it’s Systemic Reaction) but I have loved those two other titles from the studio that I had no issues in signing up for another even before I had seen any footage.
Yes there have been issues with both other titles, bugs and glitches, but they have never claimed to be AAA games, so meh :woman_shrugging:
Yes the previous two titles are like chalk and cheese, one is a slow methodical, sometimes just dumb luck hunting game, the other can be fast paced with elements of stealth, win by any means guerrilla tactics shooter, but I like variety.
After watching the IGN 16 minutes of gameplay on Youtube all I can say is Can I has it now plz
puss in boots

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I have played both COTW & GZ both are good games that I enjoy greatly so looking forward to giving this a go.

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2020 and zero Dino Crisis, Jurassic Park shooter and Turoks.

The world need to shoot bloodthirsty dinosaurs!

The thing that drew me in was the planetfall via drop pods. That and doing all these missions down on earth towards a goal. Stuff like that is heaven for someone who likes to really immerse themselves into a game character role.

And well - We get to blow up mutated dinosaurs with orbital lasers.

Saw the trailer, I love shooters and dinos, then I played the game and I’m a lore guy, and that too got me hooked, then there’s the constant missions and objectives that gives it a grinding feel with weapon upgrades, so I spend endless time in game always having something to do, which is good as it doesn’t feel like I’m always doing the same thing!

I came for the nostalgia, I have a deep love for the Turok games. This game has come closer to how those games felt then others. But I stayed for the fps mechanics. The gameplay is fast and chaotic but feels smooth and controlled, much like Apex Legends. Instead of getting frustrated at the game for getting you eaten you actually want to get better and keep trying, you are the reason you died not the game. Also, grinding for research and upgrades actually makes a difference. It’s been my saving grace as a solo player.