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Would be nice to add some feature that saves exp earned throughout a mission. Had a teammate get kicked from mission from the game hard closing on him. We waited for him to rejoin before beating mission but he did not get any experience or progress. Not sure best solution but maybe a feature could be added for someone who starts the mission with you.

Thank you for sharing. We’re looking into ways to make it work more fair if you get kicked/get dc.

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Just wanted to chime in on part of the topic, that about lost XP.
I experienced my first crash yesterday. Don’t know what triggered it. Nothing special happened in-game when it crashed. :thinking:
I was doing a mission solo. The main objectives went very well, and I wanted to grind up my rating as much as possible before I extracted. I think I had reached 3, almost 4 stars when the game crashed… In my frustration I had to quit and play something else for the rest of the evening. :grimacing:
Now of course, this doesn’t make me shy away from SE at all, but it sure is frustrating when it happens. Crashing suddenly becomes a much bigger problem when the mission system is built the way it is in the game. In a game like Generation Zero, you at most lose the XP from the battle you are currently in, but in SE, the longer you spend on a mission the more XP you earn, and simultaneously, more playtime goes to waste if the game crashes. Playing is of course fun in itself, but it sure would be nice to bring home that sweet XP you spent 2 hours building up… :expressionless:

Here’s hoping crashing won’t be an issue in the future. :wink:

Yea I had this same feeling when i was playing its like the longer you play a solo mission the more you risk something happening then all that exp is gone. idk if they could add a feature that when you unlock a camp or base it acts as a save for your experience or what .

I will copy my post from discord into here, It was a feedback Idea I had and it would help with this issue as well I feel add something to the game
Shawnkiller90Today at 3:46 PM

I know that crashes and such will be fixed in time(this kinda thing would help in the mean time and in the future),But after thinking about the game and its current reward system. I have come to the conclusion for a idea I have had rumbling around in my head. So currently you do a run and then you are rewarded with your drops and research(which currently atm serves as the determination for number of stars). I think it would be interesting/fun and challenging to implement a risk and reward system. First at each camp you unlock you will have a one time opportunity(when you activate the console) to “save” or “deposit” what you have received so far Like a bank( Drops and research). Thus no matter if you crash or die( Penalty for dying rather than just losing RP or when difficulty is added if there is a option for no respawns at higher settings) You are 100% guaranteed to receive those items. But you will only get what you put in ,no multiplier (mainly for research and the extra reward boxes) but you know you will get items. Second This introduces a True risk and reward system(which for players like me is of great value as I prefer putting it on the line in long runs and going as far as I can.) Any items/research, saved/deposited are received however your end game reward is less, due to less “risk”.The more actual items you have on you the greater the reward.(edited)

[ 3:46 PM ]

Third New role for the stars is now a multiplier that takes into account several things. Map overall completion,items/research kept on you ,Number of dino’s killed, difficulty settings and any death penalties. These things combined are now your mission completed stars ranking . This is what determines your multiplier( gain extra research and additional rare drops aka the current boxes(like silver and gold or platinum etc.) I think this is a fair and fun way for players who are casual and want to play it “safe” and always get rewards As well as for players like myself who want to push the boundaries for the chance of earning more Bonus higher end materials and skins and unlocks. Look forward to peoples thoughts and Ideas of this in #feedback-chat

[ 3:50 PM ]

NOTE For the one time opportunity, All players must be at the camp when it is unlocked (for coop this brings in team play) Like you would for parts of main mission and extraction. It is up to each player individually however if they are going to deposit or hold onto the items they have as the reward system is for each individual and not going to effect others in the team.

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Very nice ideas, @ShawnKiller90 :slight_smile:
And quite similar to some idea’s I’ve been having myself.

I thought about making the collected Research and the mission star rating into two separate things.

  1. Research:
    You collect Research as normal, but my idea is to place a secondary beacon at all the landing pads on the map. Activating this beacon could be called “Deposit Research” or “Return Research”. If we are to think that Research is a real, physical thing in the world, it would make sense to send it back when you can, instead of risking all of it by taking it along on a dangerous mission. Triggering the “Return Research” process should make the ship send down a pod with a computer or something in it. You would then need to upload the research into the computer. This would take X amount of time, and dinos would attack the pad just like they do when you call for extraction. You would need to stay close to the pod while the upload is being done. When you succeed, the amount of research you had at the time you started the upload, would now be saved. Depositing Research could also be limited to once every X minutes real time, or X number of times pr. mission.

  2. Mission Rating:
    This could rather be a build-up to give you a bonus reward upon completing a mission successfully, but I’ll leave it up to others to decide how this would be most fairly counted and rewarded.

Oh that does sound like a great solution to my proposed way of doing it! (combine the two!) Are you on discord? I am going to post it into feed back on your behalf. As I really like the idea and think yours and mind would work together well.

All right. Yes, I’m on Discord. Same username. :slightly_smiling_face:

didn’t do a mention but I posted your forum name

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hour into solo mission and got hard closed kicked. Exp lost and bounties went back to unfinished