Emails for limited playtest

i have not gotten any emails regarding the signatures for the nda eula or privacy yet is it normal that some still dont have them?


Don’t worry the Limted playtest doesnt start anytime soon, but it does take them 1-3 days to send the NDA, EULA, and Privacy email.

Just check your email twice a day and you should be fine.

The playtest starts tomorrow lmao

i have gotten my nda eula and privacy policy signings and im hyped for tomorrow

Sooo, you have to be 18 years or older for the NDA… I guess that’s a rip for me.

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or your parents permission
your parents can sign it but will be responsible if you break the nda
that is generally how it goes if your parents couldnt sign contracts for you you wouldnt be able to work when you get a work contract

oooh thanks a lot, well I just have to not break it lmao

Make sure you read every word of the NDA before signing, this way you will know exactly what you can and can’t do (though there are a few things I have questions about, general practice is just do not disclose anything about the test and do not take screenshots or recordings). The EULA you should also pay attention to, though it is a pretty standard EULA (as is the privacy policy).