Feedback and suggestions

Greetings, Extinction team.
8 hours (so far) player here. Decided to compile some feedback while me and my friends are waiting for 3-man party hotfix. So, here we go:

  1. Game is very fast. I do not hate fast paced shooters (2400 hours in Warframe), but sometimes speed of players breaks any logic. My suggestion is to slow a bit players and dinos, while adding Hammer-styled vehicle to traverse Open World with (which can also open some ideas around secondary missions).
  2. While i do love personalities of Heroes (except Rosy. She, as a combination of voice lines and Tom`s owner apperance, is annoying on a gag-reflex level), i do want to see them being able to go any class, not only one. Imagine scared Amir as Enforcer with power armor :slight_smile:
  3. Ammo and Gear refill pickups should have bigger sized interaction area (expecially thrown ones).
  4. Day and Night cycle would be awesome, expecially with special night stalking predators.
  5. Ammo and Gear supply drops should have longer cooldown (twice or even trice as for now).
  6. Additional Classes with flamethrower, rocket launcher and turret/drones would be nice.
  7. Ability to explore buildings. Why can’t we?
  8. Supressor option for Scout rifle and Carbine.
  9. Give Ortega visual booster-backpack or booster-boots to make her Q more logical.
  10. Flying dinos?
  11. Make final waves right before EVAC Raft arrives more dense but install some auto turrets on the Dropship for more epic arrival.
  12. Other melee options other than stock-smack. I bet everyone will want finishing takedown animations with Combat Knife or Machete. Or with bare hands when using exoskeleton.
  13. Change Player 1 color to anything else except blue, which often lost in Tundra color scheme. Or let us set custom colors for each Player in the options.
  14. In-game voice command menu for better communication.

Hey Dargadon, thanks for the feedback.

I notice that quite a few points in here are things we will be looking at, like balancing and tweaking inventory etc.

When it comes to new characters, weapons ect - all ideas are welcome :slight_smile:

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Hey devs… Love this game so far. The best since turok. I am very much enjoying it. But i would like to suggest about contract feature.

It would be nice and more enjoyable if we can hunt down special variation or legendary dino that randomly spawn on map. Make them hard to kill. Like rivals on GZ.


Hi Devs. Love the game. Having so much fun. Will there be AI bots implemented in the future? Matchmaking is not good right now and the difficulty does not scale to a solo player. This can be solved with maybe a server browser too?

Better support for single player.