First couple of hours - feedback and suggestions

Hello! I hope you are well. Thank you for reading my first post.

I’m enjoying my first few hours in the game so far - I raced past the 2 hour refund window without even noticing (which is a great thing!) and am looking forwards to playing this A LOT with my usual crew once I can convince them to get it.

A fairly lengthy post on my findings so far.

Firstly - it looks amazing and runs smoothly with no frame loss or noticeable lag spikes when things are going crazy. The Dino behaviour is effective and realistic ( I suppose considering no one has ever seen a Dino) and offers quite a lot of challenge.

Weapon and character balance is completely shot to bits, with some characters abilities being significantly more valuable to the run than others. In my opinion Amir has the most powerful and useful abilities, followed closely by Jurgen. Grenade launcher + SMG on Amir makes him God Tier, at least where I am at level 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Considering currently there is no in-game chat, or even a text chat window the chat wheel needs REALLY improving.

Firstly, when someone asks for Ammo, or Healing or whatever an Icon should pop up showing exactly that. When Jurgen shouts “I need assistance” I assumed he was downed rather than wanting some ammo. Next, I think you don’t need to have options for “Loot here” Or “I’m going here” just being able to highlight and tag a yellow destination to show the next point you’re aiming for would be much easier. Being able to “spot” an enemy should be a possibility too, so aiming down the sights and pressing a button should give your team some idea of where to focus fire - the watchers would be a great example of something a team might want to take down fast and being able to tag it would make a big QoL improvement. There’s no need to tag a Rex/Steg/Ankylo as it’s obvious they’re stomping about! Using the chat w heel would be good for localisation as well, as callouts would obviously appear in the chosen language.


Now here’s some things I think might potentially sour the experience when looking ahead. Unfortunately the world still has Trolls in it, and they’ve come out from under their bridges and have got jobs and been given access to the internet.

There should be a majority vote to end the mission. Having someone vanish across the tundra looking for five stars when you wanted a quick 20 min match has massive potential for trolling and vote kicking or both.

There should be some incentive to stick together. In L4D2 you had the hunter and smoker which required players to be close to each other to help. In vermintide 2 you have the assassin and hook rat that disable players and require teamwork to free someone. Consider including some enemy that provides an incentive to stick to your team mates, although I am still low level so maybe there’s something like this in the red zones. I don’t know. Again, the possible level of trolling when three people could run in opposite directions is high.

There doesn’t seem to be too many places where you can use your tactical knowledge of the map to your advantage. Dino’s make their way around any possible bottlenecks quite easily and players end up running backwards firing like lunatics at things spread out and flinging themselves at you. While I don’t want to advocate cheese spots to cruise through the missions, some kind of benefit to knowing the map and using it to your advantage would be great.

Finally, and this is entirely my own preference - a lot of the time the Dino’s blend in with the landscape a lot. I know this is natural camouflage, but possibly a different colour palette on some of the dino’s might be good. I purposefully like it when the Dino’s get red and angry because it means I can see them, and don’t kill the alpha until I’ve done what I need to do. It’s just easier to see them coming when they’re furious.

As a suggestion for the Forum here, I think there needs to be a bug submission section so things don’t get lost in the wall of text that’s going to keep coming. Also maybe a different section of balance discussions. The front page is going to get spammed with so many new threads it’s going to get a bit silly with things flying off the bottom of the screen as new posts come in.

Keep up the good work and thank you.

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