Hero Rosy suggestions

I haven’t played the game too much yet but I noticed quickly some things that should be addressed for her Q ability. And I’m not sure if what I’m about to say has been brought up already or not or if it’s being worked on already.

There needs or should be a range indicator when placing the second pylon. Maybe as easy as making it red for out of range, green when in range.
Also, I don’t think the cooldown timer should start until you have the pylons placed correctly or in position that’d you like. To clarify, I had been out of range a couple times of the first pylon so I went and picked up the second pylon thinking I could just place it down right away again. But this wouldn’t be a problem if a range indicator was in place.

That’s all I got for now, having fun so far. Keep up the great work guys.

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Hey Noxius, thank you for the feedback. I see what you mean, it can be a bit iffy to see where you can place it or not.

We’ve recorded this feedback. You can always go to our discord channel where we are more actively following up on feedback: https://discord.gg/secondextinction

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Not sure if you have seen Hyde from the game evolve, but that is how i see they type of charter being used, tank, flamethrower / mini gun, gas grenades, and maybe not so annoying. and the ability seems to be not very reliable. i would like to see maybe a male and female version of each class, i know that is twice the work but it could pay off. also i think Noxius is right make we need a more clear indication of where we can play the pylon. Keep up the great work my friends and i are excited to see where you can take this game.