Hero Suggestion: Vlad the Tech Trooper

A hero idea I had that could go well for SE.

Name: Vlad
Role: Tech Trooper
Health: Light - 2 Bars
Brief: Vlad was formally a robotic’s engineer that had worked previously on all different types of robotic machinery, from personal robotic assistants to even military grade surveliance and combat drones. He was drafted into EX-U to serve as the teams Tech Trooper in the advent of certain missions requiring hands on technical expertise.

Exclusive Weapon: LAR (Light Assault Rifle) - The LAR is a weapon exclusive to Vlad and functions as an inbetween of the SMG and Assault Rifle. The LAR does less damage than the Assault Rifle but does more than the SMG, it also possses a higher magazine size than both but has horrid accuracy and recoil when fired in full-auto.

Passive Ability: Anti-Shock Suit - Vlad as part of his profession wears an Anti-Shock suit which has the ability to negate the effects of Shock Raptors and electrical discharges by a % amount.

Tactical Ability: Vlad can summon a Military-issue Combat Support Drone or CSD for short. This special drone is outfitted with a sub-machine gun and will fly around and protect it’s user from attackers but will self-destruct when its ammunition supply dry.

Special Ability: Vlad can summon a “Badass Assault Decoy Drone” or BADD for short. This drone is one of Vlad’s personal designs, made with the intention to function as a lethal decoy. When deployed the Drone will fly around a designated area, luring dino’s in with a audio call before detonating in a massive explosion.

That’s a really cool idea. Awesome to see how much thought and work you put into it. I would play that class!
I like the drone idea a lot, almost like the drone from The Division, would be pretty helpful in tough situations, my only concern would be subterranean areas, probably would fly into a wall