How skins are going to be implemented?

Will skins in the game will be implemented via a market place (similar to cs:go) or are the going to be unlocked via gameplay (achievements e.t.c) or rather through possible dlc’s ?

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Hopefully there will be a mix of both earned cosmetics and paid cosmetics. If it was only paid cosmetics, I think a lot of people would be turned off by it.

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Can’t discuss the techincal setup at the moment. All I can say is that skins can be acquired through different means :slight_smile:

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Interesting Nonetheless :]

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I hope that they do a little bit of both. Options always keep people happy. :slight_smile:

Please please please add something pink :slight_smile: you can happily have my money for pink stuff.


Are we talking hot pink, baby pink, bubblegum pink, magenta, fuschia, neon pink or all of the above?


I am soooooo hoping for seasonal Skins for the dinosaurs such as Santa Rex or Easter Bunny Raptor. It would be fun.

all of the above but especially baby pink hehehehe

Greenish turquoise items would be nice as well.

I hate to ‘necro’ this thread, but I’ve got an email with a code to redeem for afew skins and am wondering where on the site we apply the code redemption?

It’s for an Amir Track Star skin and the Assault Rifle White Flame skin.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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+1 on what @Shevai said.
I wanna know this too. :slight_smile:

You redeem through Steam in the same way you would a game. Use the ADD A GAME button and choose redeem a steam game.


Thank you, that worked. =]

I think it would be refreshing to see Skins be unlocked through game-play, achievements or accolades, seeing a marksman with a Raptor head because they managed to head-shot 500+ raptors would have a more positive impact, rather than a .99 cent transaction…

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I see that Cryosis already helped out here, but to clarify - In order to redeem any skin or in-game item you’ve received outside of the game, go to Steam and add the key you’ve received just as you would any other game key.

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This is direction I hope they go with this! unlocking a bone outfit for killing that type of dino x amount of times. or fire skin for your guns for getting incendiary grenade kills.

I received the steam key, but as I have no computer that can run the game, I won’t be able to join until it is released on Xbox. Will these skins be also given for us Xbox players, or just a Steam exclusive?