I'd love to see the war mechanic more fleshed out!

So I have about 5 hours into the game now, which is a couple of missions. And I can’t help but want to see more dynamics and repercussions in the war mechanics and in the side missions of the game.

War mechanics: If my memory doesn’t fail me then the difficulty balance only changes every week. I’d love to see a mechanic or a counter that is real time. Maybe even a capture and defend system.

For example: Imagine if there were set camps/buildings/holds that can be under human control. When they are under our control they provide benefits -> more xp, seeing dino movements, the ability to drop turrets from the sky and all that cool stuff. Maybe one of these strongholds for each region.

Now, we have danger meters in every area. My idea is that if we have a zone that is under our control next to a maximum danger zone. Then it’ll be easier for the dinosaurs to take that area over again.
To me, a tug of war like this makes a ton of sense when I think about the entire concept of wars against dinosaurs. We need to hold ground do we not?

Now I realize that this is all very woo woo and probably a far cry of what is originally planned but I’m just giving my 2 cents to see if someone else thinks like I do. I do really think that the side missions/the missions in general need to feel impactful. It doesn’t feel like I’m winning or losing, even contributing to a war when I can only see it in a week and hardly see any benefits visually and mechanically!

Visually you might have robots walking around doing all kinds of defense and repair work…etc.


EDIT: I felt a little rude by not saying that the game is pretty damn good. Big cheers towards the dev team.

Ey Doppy, thanks for the feedback.

As you know the game is evolving and the War Effort is part of that. Given it’s one of our core mechanics, we’re definitely open to feedback on it and are looking at how we can develop it further.

On a personal note, I love the idea of visual changes to safe/unsafe areas, really cool idea :slight_smile:

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