Is random teaming possible?

Another thing I wanted to ask is if it is possible to team up with random persons? As I do not have a friend who signed up for beta i would have to play alone but if there is a random team option then people without friends with beta access could play together.

I would assume there will be some sort of match making system, something similar to other co-ops.

I figured that too, but the devs have already said that you can play alone, but there is no singleplayer so I thought that if you dont have a team you have to play alone. But I also hope that you can do random teams.

Where did you hear there is no single player?
The Steam page for the game say’s single player.
Maybe it’s more like there’s no campaign type single player.

Maybe it’ll be like Killing Floor, there is an offline option where you play alone and the waves are adjusted for that, then there is a match matching system you can join and you can also view all servers and hop into a game.

Yes you can play alone, but the focus of the game is on the 3-player co-op. But they also said that it will be harder to do alone, so I dont think that there will be a single player that only is for singleplayer.

Hi JM_Dinoslayer!
Yes, there will be matchmaking :slight_smile:
And you are correct about MP/SP. If you decide to play singleplayer you tackle the same obstacles and enemies as you would if you played with two more players.