Marskman Gun awkward?

Anyone else feel like the Scope is a bit awkward? i like that the hit-scan is generous but it feels, like i said a bit awkward to use in the heat of the moment.

I’m 45 Min into gameplay, I am sure that as i continue things will become more fluid but it just seems like for such a fast paced game this gun is a bit slower, it packs a wallop tho and the dino-bodies are satisfying to watch

Good that it’s got a satisfying punch Fenrir. I’ll record this feedback and make sure the team gets it.

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I’ve actually got a question on the scout rifle. I’m usually a sniper main in most games that I play. Usually that means I do a lot of stealth killing, distance shooting, and big target focused gameplay. That said I’m always putting in less then half of the damage of any other weapon on the Rex. Even when I’m constantly blasting rounds into its weak spot. I know that the dps is going to be lower just based on fire rate and single target focus of the rifle but maybe the damage numbers would be more on line with other guns if he base damage was raised a bit? There’s no reason why the revolver does more damage per round then the sniper.