Mission Selection - Freeroam

Hey all,

Have any of you noticed in the tutorials it says you can freeroam a mission, yet you can't at all???

I think that just implies that during a mission, you can travel throughout the map and do whatever you want until you decide to go forward with the mission. Ive been doing that for a while now.
You eventually HAVE to complete the mission, but you can do whatever you want and go all over the map and do all activities before you complete it.
So you arent LOCKED into doing just the mission and that’s it, although in order to receive your research points and loot, you need to complete the primary objective.
Happy Hunting!

Free roam, isn’t in the Early access plans but it will be added to the game.

Yes and no, A actual free roam will be added to the game in time as confirmed by the Dev’s in discord. It will have slightly different “rules” per se. but with the game how it is it is already in a way free roam feel haha.

Ahhh… gotcha.
That makes sense.
Honestly I thought it meant what I wrote above, but thank you for clarifying

Quite welcome. If you are not on the forums ,I will do my best to post updates here as needed or if you have any other questions I am a mod for the forums and reddit and more than happy to try and get info for you if you do not use discord.