Possible gamemode addition

So, this game looks wicked and I’m very much looking forward to playing it. I think what would serve it best is having variety for most players. I’ve noticed the comparison it’s been receiving about being Left 4 Dead with Dinosaurs. And I say… Hell yeah!

Lean into it! Let’s have a BIG selection of Dinosaurs to massacre. Let’s have multiple maps to hold out on. And uh… Let’s PLAY as the dinosaurs!

Symmetrical “versus” gamemodes where you and your two buds try to accomplish game goals whilst 3 player-controlled “special” dinosaurs are trying their best to rip your throats out!

You could have playable dinosaurs dependent on where the human players have reached in the map, first you’re special variants of the Raptor, then as they get closer to the end goal, you’re bigger dinosaurs like Dilophosaurus, Carnotaur or even the big-bad T-Rex as a sort of tank/hail Mary to fight the humans before they can reach their goal.

You could do game modes that make it harder on the humans, like no HUDS or limited ammo drops, Dinosaurs are faster and stronger but go down in even fewer shots from a gun.

The possibilities are endless! I’d love to hear what you guys think!