Questions about Second Extinction :)

Hey everyone! Just joined the forum for the first time and had some questions I hope weren’t answered already. :sweat_smile:

  1. Will we have support for ultrawides in terms of resolutions? (some games are a bit rough with that)

  2. Will you keep some items/skins from beta when game comes out or is it a total wipe?

  3. Could there be a possibility for mounts considering the large terrain? I’d really see myself running around on a dinosaur I tamed from dinosaurs trying to kill me haha

  4. Also saw someone asking about Raytracing some 2 weeks ago without concrete answer because it was still too early. Maybe I’m still too early, but, Raytracing?

  5. Will the game be available solely on Steam or perhaps that’s not decided yet?

  6. Quality of life question, will there be dinosaurs of random colors so I can laugh for 30 minutes at them from time to time and remove some of the “same old dinosaur” vibe we might get after playing a while?

  7. Follow up to question 6, which I should’ve probably asked first, how many dinosaurs are there/will be in the game? If you can even answer that, just because I’ve seen some games that become very repetitive very quickly because of the exact same monster in every level.

  8. Not really a question, just wanted to let you guys know I can’t wait for the game and it looks amazing! People better not sleep on this game, c’mon, everyone wants to fight dinosaurs at some point. Keep up the hard work, pretty sure I’m not the only one hyped for this! :smile:


Obviously, I’m not a dev, so take my answers with a grain of salt.

  1. From what I remember, they’ve confirmed that Beta progress will not be saved. You also won’t get any War Support rewards until release.

  2. It’s unlikely, the focus of this game is to blast dinosaurs into little pieces. Taming them wouldn’t fit into the theme.

  3. [I don’t have an answer for this question but if I don’t put a number 4 here it messes with the numbering of other answers]

  4. I don’t believe there’s been any mention of any platforms other than Steam for PC.

  5. Each different dino type has a different color palette, but it seems that each of those types only has the one color palette.

  6. There is a total of confirmed 7 dinos so far, only 4 of which are named at the moment. There’s the big T-Rex and 6 varieties of specialized Raptors. These varieties include: Regular, Acid, Electric, Armored, a sort of giant alpha raptor, and one other raptor that we know very little about. There’s also the chance of dinosaurs we don’t know about yet and new dinos in the future.

    EDIT: Sorry for the poor image quality, not sure what happened there, the images I gathered were much bigger.


No problem with the image quality haha, thanks a lot for the answer!
I figured with mounts, was just curious, I guess too many MMO’s got to me haha.

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