Stuck in drop pod in mid air

Not really sure what to do, with 2 friends and I am stuck in the drop pod in mid air. The nice part is with me not dead, we can’t fail the mission but also not being able to help in the cave is not helpful.

So, clearly this sounds like a game-breaking glitch, as you cannot finish the mission if you arent near the dropship… but a suggestion i can make, although it very limited as you would need someone with one of the builds i run with the shotgun.

The shotgun has the ability to have Incendiary Rounds. If fired at your feet by another player, it will cause you damage. I have used this technique to actually kill myself whenever a glitch occurred.
Again, VERY specific, but it can help in a situation like that.


Could you please send us more information via a bug report? Bug report.

I’ll be able to collect the information and send it directly to the devs for further investigation.