Suggestion - Player Distancing

So, I dont know if this has been suggested or not, but I would love if a distancing function was implemented on the map for seeing teammates. the view distance is sometimes difficult to judge where another player is or how far they are, plus it may help find a better route for players that dont use the map as often as they maybe should.

The MAIN reason i wanted to bring this up is due to an ingame experience where a teammate and I had gone to work together and complete secondary tasks along with the main objective, where the 3rd decided to run off and do whatever. So if possible, could there be a way that, if your team is ready to extract and 2 team members get to an extraction point, that if the 3rd is say, 150M+ away, the team can still start the extraction and finish the mission.

Im aware there is probably a LOT of coding involved with doing a feature like this, such as the 2 teammates that extract would disconnect from party, leaving the 3rd in the sandbox, but if you have a teammate that is not helping or elongating the drop, it does become frustrating.

Just a suggestion, overall though, I love this game. Thanks for bringing it to life.

i imagine they are working on something to help the extraction. seems alot of people dont like how all 3 have to board the ship either. Playing with friends not a big deal if your trying to get a little more XP but when your with randoms and they just wont end it that can be frustrating. Maybe they could 3 buttons in the back and if 2 are pressed it starts a 90 second countdown til takeoff and if you arent on the ship you take a hard deduction of research points or mats for that one person

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Thats a much better idea than mine… thank you for that input.

I TOTALLY understand people not wanting to just run through the main objective and get the most amount of research/xp possible, but it really is annoying when someone just runs off and does their own thing.

But your suggestion for the penalty is a pretty good idea, my only thought as a con to that is, and not to defend the person who is not helping, but if 2 players go and want to extract, but the 3rd person who ran off is the one who gained the most resources/research/xp for the team, it might be a tad unfair that they get a penalty.

So maybe a distancing for XP/Research/Resources if the player is x meters away? I dont know, lots of logistics. haha


Yes, we are thinking about how to best tackle this issue. We understand it’s frustrating that some players want to finish the game after finishing the mission.


Thank you for the response Drennon.

I know you all have a lot on your plate, and im just merely making suggestions, but greatly appreciate you all listening and hearing the players.

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yeah i just wasted a bunch of resources because some random player did not want to leave im salty

I think it’d be better if each player was sent their own mini drop ship. Something like the supply drop except big enough to fit the person in - a reverse version of the drop pod you arrive in. They’d still have to defend themselves when it arrives but could leave when they felt like it and get their research and mats up to that point.

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That would be a really cool idea Argonaut, great mention!