Vehicles for transport

Was thinking, now the map isn’t overly huge but having 4 wheelers or side by side, some type of transport to move around quicker? I’m not sure if it would be OP or not but just a thought, what do y’all think??

Not a bad thought. You are right though, keeping it from being OP would be an issue. Maybe limited fuel? Or easily damaged? It would help when you need to run long distances during missions. (or avoid red zones as a solo player). Good idea!

Yes indeed, they can’t be too OP, strictly for transport would be nice and easily usable to travel quickly, but in the end I’m not sure if that would affect how solo or groupe games would go, maybe have them limited fuel as to not have them the whole time and only be used a certain distance so you strategically have to use them instead of whipping around the map endlessly, I’m not sure just an idea I had while playing first couple hours!

Yeah, I like the idea of using them as strategic items that you couldn’t use long term. The real question is if you could shoot while driving. Popping a raptor’s head with a drive-by shotgun blast would be pretty great. (That would probably make them too OP but it would be fun)

Vehicles would not be a good fit. The map is not that large and the map is designed to be explored by foot. When driving, you would pass encounters and objectives. This being a coop, how would that work? Vehicles for 3 players? I don’t like this idea at all. I am guessing you haven’t played much?

I have 50 hours in game, It was just an idea, and they can’t be too OP, above we discussed limited fuel as an option which would be the balence factor

I second GiMbO again. It’s a cool idea. Even if it doesn’t make it into the full game, it would be a great mod if the game ever supports that functionality. It would help a lot with solo players, there is a lot of back tracking during missions to avoid red zones. Something simple like the mongoose from Halo would be excellent. And just putting it out there, I’ve got 20 hours in game.