Welcome to Second Extinction!

Hey Everyone!

We’re pleased to announce our upcoming co-op shooter - Second Extinction. Our team in Malmö have been hard at work to create an intense experience for you and your friends. It’s time for you to get down to Earth and get your hands dirty!

In this forum, we want you to engage with other players, discuss the latest and greatest of Second Extinction. A place for strats, gore and glory basically!

Keep your eyes open as we reveal more about Second Extinction and answer your burning questions.

Let’s give them hell!


Is this coming to Playstation 5?

Can’t say at the moment I’m afraid :slight_smile: You’ll know more soon enough!

Can’t wait to see some more of gameplay, i’m already hyped. :sweat_smile:

Welcome Kurocelot. Great to see you’re hyped! More to come as well, trust me :slight_smile:

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Will there be an option to play single player? Or only in quads? The game looks awesome!!!:grinning::heart:

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will the beta come at june or august ?

I Shared my personal link to my friends, and I’m sure they clicked on my link to sign up for an account, but the page showed that the number of people I invited was always zero, which made me very upset.

Thank you! :smile:
I’m really looking forward to play!

hi 2 all
sry, mb im stupid, but where i can find any info release data?
i wont 2 play so much

You’re not stupid :slight_smile: There’s no info on release date yet. The only info about public facing activities is the beta that is planned for PC this summer. Other than that, we haven’t released anything :slight_smile:

cant wait :slight_smile:

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