Will there be an Xbox beta?

Hey team.

I know there is no release date as such for the Xbox release, but is there any chance a beta will be done? If so, is where would be the best chance to sign up for it?

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So, not on the team, but here is my thoughts on that:

Yes and no.

No, there will not be a Beta test per say, i figure the team wants to polish the game up as much as possible on PC before porting it to a console.

Yes, there may be some sort of pre-release, I mean this along the lines of say how Activision does CoD, it wont be a Beta test per say, but a pre-release build. You never really play a beta test unless you’re invited to it, like say WoW, they have alpha and beta tests prior to releases which act as actual tests, whereas I believe that any release on a console will not be anything more than a pre-release build (simply because working out the bugs on PC works best since a console game really is nothing more than a ported version of a PC game).

Again, I am not on the team, but I believe this would be the most logical outcome when it comes to console versions.

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I reckon the way XBOX certify their games means a BETA is highly unlikely - the PC version will form the BETA for XBOX as it is much easier and quicker to deploy a patch to PC and try things out than XBOX. This isn’t the team for SE, rather the way XBOX want things done.

I suspect there’ll be a 1.0 release for XBOX, with possible 1.1 patch within days to fix any XBOX specific bugs. so IMO - No BETA, sorry. :frowning:


Thanks for your reply’s! Sort of figured as much, but no harm, no foul!

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