Xbox controller support

Can we expect an update for support to the xbox controller cause the game allows you to play with a controller but its trash to the point you get killed every time plus isn’t the game coming to xbox as well


Could you please report any bugs you’re experiencing with the xbox controller?

I only play with controller and i think it plays pretty smoothly had to adjust sliders a little bit. what issues are you having?

All i can do is shoot and aim and switch weapons thats it

Have they implemented xbox controller button prompts?

I have this issue daily. Every time I use the controller my character stays in crouch mode. The way I can stop it from crouching by using my keyboard for a quick second and go back to controller then it works fine. I thought it was my controller at 1st so I tried multiple controllers but they were having the same issue.


I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this issue. Could you please contact our support so we can troubleshoot with you more in-depth?

You can report a bug here - Bug